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6 Things Almost Every Software Developers Should Think Deeply


1, Goals

Being a software developer means accepting to do repetitive tasks, repetitive algorithms, command lines, and code … will sometimes get you bored. However, if you set a clear goal from the beginning, you will soon find the passion, enthusiasm to keep your job go straight.

2, Soft skills

Many people think that software developers just need to focus on work, and soft skills are not necessary. Because their job is to work with machines, they rarely interact with colleagues. and occasionally contact the superiors to receive the task. So true? Why soft skills affect so many programmers so much?

How Soft Skills Impact To Your Development Job
Actually, in addition to writing code, you also have to interact with other team members (if you are a team player). In addition to contacting the manager or the person assigned to you, you also need the skills to explain or present the work as needed. If only you understand, then work will become more difficult for everyone.

3, Community

Each industry has its own community, where converged people work in the same industry to share, analyze what other is missing and how to overcome it. The community also provides us with new knowledge, from the people who have done it, whether it has been done or has been done for so long, in every region. Certainly, from the shared stories, you will learn many things, not just boring stories.
In addition to paid community groups, you can also keep an eye out for the Code Camp, a free annual program, where freelance programmers work.

4, Expertise

Good at One, Not Know Many

What do you think about a person who just concentrates on their work? Or someone who knows many things but they are not good at anything? What kind of person are you?

Concentrating on a particular job, especially the programmer, is essential. You can not go on hugging everything, while your strength can only do a good job, and it also needs your determination to be able to understand you better.

Doing a job and doing well that is better than doing a lot of work but never done any of it. Nobody wants to hire such people to work for their company, especially big ones.

5, Personal brand

There are many things we have gone through, the things we did, but in order to help people know and understand you better, building a personal brand is a solid bridge for you to express yourself.

How Personal Brand Helps Your Future
And also let others recognize you, the expert they need, someone with good skills, the best candidate they are looking for.

6, Self-study

Each of us must have the time to think we are the best, I know everything. Then why do you have to learn a lot when you know those things? It’s hard to understand, but the ability to learn helps us a lot in the path of knowledge development.

Nobody is perfect, there are always things we do not know, but our friends know and understand us a lot. Therefore, self-study is the best way to improve oneself, cultivate knowledge of the profession in the most active way.