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Facebook Marketing or Cheating?

With the fast and strong software development services of Facebook social networking, each of us owned at least one Facebook account. The speed of Facebook users in Vietnam increased rapidly. Along with it is the complication of the so-called Facebook marketing methods.

What is Facebook Marketing?

According to the Academy website, Facebook Marketing is about having your products, services, (2) you find out what your customers want, what your customers are for your product or service, what they really need. (3) meet their needs, (4) increase profits or increase benefits, (5) through the social network Facebook.
Fake or legit page?

Marketing trick or cheating?

The boundaries of trick and trick cheat in Facebook marketing industry has become more fragile than ever. If you do clear ways to sell and reach people for your product, that’s the trick. However, for the same purpose, however, you are creating new ways to lead users differently from what you show them, a form of fake to reach the user. Sales or Facebook marketing, which is called fraud trick of the user.
Nowadays, there are many Vietnam it outsourcing fanpage disguised as celebrities, disguised as large companies, or large e-commerce centers to reach users quickly, hit the “demand for cheap cost” or “discounted demand” take advantage of the user.

What is the real purpose of these fake games?

In addition to popular promotions such as organizing mini-games to earn rewards by like, share, and tag friends into their pr fan-page. (Except for a few real fan-page).
They also use sock discounts, “up to 90%”, “cheap never seen”, or “as cheap as zero” messages that fool the user. For example, just recently, a fanpage fake a page of beautiful electronics (a member of the mobile world). They offer attractive forms of sock discounting (to be honest, I also want to give up all of them and listen to them). However, it is a rather tricky trick, exactly it hit the “cheap cost” user.
increase view, likes, cheating user
An example of a fake fanpage which share their cheating posts | By Vnzoom
Looks like a reputable site, they are trying to share discounts to sell their products. But no, the purpose of the fake, take advantage of this user is not to sell or sell products. THEIR PURPOSE IS TO INCREASE FANPAGE’S INTERACTION AND SELL PAGE FOR MONEY.
If you go a little deeper, there are also individuals or companies who need more like-minded pages to sell their products, build their brand. They do not have time, or too little time to compete if they build a fanpage from scratch. Identifying this hot demand, scammers have used these methods (and even more tricks to hit the “weakness of the heart of others”).

Two sides on this issue.

There are opposing views, some say for commercial purposes little tricks also do not matter. Some saySocial this does not harm the user should have something that must be wrong.

True or false as you read, appreciate and appreciate, because sometimes there are things we can not make the right or wrong explanation because there are many problems. To avoid controversy, these tactics really affect big names. If they say that on the fanpage, then delete the related sites will certainly be influenced not less. I do not approve of making a profit by deceiving the user, even if it does not harm anyone as they say it.