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IPHONE X Face ID is failed by Face 3D? True or Cheat?

iPhone x face id speech by Apple
Netizens have conflict opinion about the face detector feature of the iPhone X, which has been overtaken by a 3D print mask in a video by BKAV (A Vietnam company).Does the Face ID function fail unlike Apple’s? Or is it just a big game of BKAV aimed at playing big brother Apple?
The following video is about this content:

According to the video content, a BKAV staff uses his IPhoneX to do a face ID test. They put a 3D face mask in front of IPhoneX screen lock. Then he pops up, slides and unlocks the IPhoneX completely quickly. And there is no technical difficulty with that.
Also analyze this video to find out the answers to the questions, and the flaws that the video generated. A topic of this video on the forum has received much attention, with long commentary on this, specifically in the following picture:
According to the picture, a user with the nickname thongphan1989 claimed that using the video to prove that the Face ID was out of sight is unreasonable; 1, the video is not rotated from the beginning when they set Face ID, which affects the face recognition feature to unlock FaceX’s IPhoneX. 2, Face Id receives facial mask because of leam function, facial recognition function that hasthe facial glance. This means that when the user sleeps, the face ID can be set to not automatically detect the face and open the machine. “
Behind the video: Face ID feature and some tricks
This user provides quite convincing reasons for this. At the same time, it can be considered as the crux of the problem. Apple’s Face ID is an AI machine, so it can automatically learn when owner’s changes. Except for the reason BKAV took advantage of this face to make the IPhoneX made the wrong detection with the 3D mask, then when everything was finished they started shooting video.
Here is a video demonstrating the security features of face ID, with face Ids not fooled by the use of fake masks.
Besides Face ID self-learning, This user also referred to the passcode. Actually when the user has the passcode, can unlock the Iphone X screen without face recognition. And there’s also the good news, the Face ID Apple iPhone X will learn the owner’s change by having a passcode. That means, if someone has a passcode, and opens the phone many times, the Face ID can identify the person as the new owner, and when the face recognition test is completely unlocked successfully without much effort.

He also said that BKAV released this clip aimed at lowering the Iphone X and cheering for their legendary BPhone phone. However, we all know that how secure Iphone X or Iphone is. No need to fooled of it. They use and understand what phones are really secure and meet their usage needs. However, we know that nothing is perfect. The technology era is growing, there are always changes, and security bugs or technologies will help companies improve their technology.

However, to make it clear, The truth that BKAV is cheating or now,. Yesterday, BKAV, hold a meeting to publish this hacking technique. They share how they hacked Face ID of Iphone X.

There are three issues that you need to know about BKAV “hacking” FaceID:

  • First of all it was definitely unlocked by the mask that BKAV created,
  • The second is that they activate the “Attention Requirement”
  • Finally, the information that we saw last week about how FaceID does not distinguish between real and false eyes was discovered by BKAV on November 4, the day after the sale.
And here is the exact method BKAV use to unlock face ID without its owner


That is how BKAV has unlocked the machine. Some of his notes after the test, edited by Sonlazio
  • Require Attention.
  • FaceID only receives the mask at a fixed angle, you change it is no longer recognizable. This is understandable because the security nature of FaceID is still very good
  • The BKAV says they are only trying to show that FaceID has a potential vulnerability, the proof of concept, but the actual attack will be difficult because it requires a variety of factors, The machine comes to prototype and test, lighting conditions. They have built some possible attack scenarios with FaceID but will not share them with the public but only share them with the manufacturer to fix them.
  • When I try to use a new iPhone completely learning the surface of the owner and then scan the mask it does not receive. BKAV said it would receive it but they would have to re-calibrate the mask or adjust the angle of the iPhone accordingly. This can also be understood as mentioned above. According to the BKAV, it took them 3 days to create the final mask, successfully testing all but 8-9 hours now. It may be shorter.
  • Thursday, I tried reset FaceID, so it scanned the mask as a sample instead of scanning people. This will get the mask but not the person. This shows FaceID is wrong right from the sampling operation, as it should not allow masking. Actually, this does not affect the use, because no one is going to take the mask to be the sample, just try it.
  • Lastly, for your question about whether BKAV has an iPhone X mask to cheat people or not, I think not. Because when we try to learn the mask, the iPhone X will unlock in many different angles, while their demo only get in the right place.

Now, you have two side of this problem, what you believe? Apple Wrong or BKAV Cheat?