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Outsourcing : What is good, What is bad?

Outsourcing has become controversial topic recently by Donald Trump’s plan who want to close this service. According to the president, outsourcing has been the cause of high unemployment rate in the United States in recent years. Let’s analyze the good and bad points that this service brings.

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Good and bad points of Outsourcing Services

What makes outsourcing service necessary?

Supporters of Outsourcing it services say that outsourcing makes the products much cheaper than hiring local workers to do it. Yes, when human resources make goods, do not spend a lot of money to rent, it is clear that when that product’s price will be cheaper, but still ensure both quantity and quality .
This is also quite reasonable, with the poor, who do not have much money to buy high-priced products, buying cheap products for them is a way is a good solutions. An addition, Rich people can use their money to do more good thing than when they have to pay large of money to do that.

Besides this, there are many jobs that are certainly not easy to hire American workers. Hence,  hiring a software project outsourcing companies in usa are indispensable. Because of these jobs, if we hired local workers, the bossess do not have enough money to rent. And because it’s their job, this will lead to a shortage of workers that can be solved only renting cheap labors. 

Why they want to ban Outsourcing

However, to resist that point of view, proponents of outsourcing forbid that. Outsourcing is about bringing their work out, instead of having more high paid-jobs to do with the paychecks that work well for them, Now outsourcing is growing at a cheaper price, and quality is at stake. The number of Job and Unemployed rate have increased.

Furthermore, they point out that outsourcing is a short-term contract. That means they only cooperate with you when the project needs to be completed, when it is finished then they will go. And let’s keep your project going or whatever. If the company is strong enough to maintain it, however, if that company does not have the ability, then it will be a huge problem.
Outsourcing also affects the tax value. Tax deductions will lead to a reduction in the amount of taxpayer benefits they receive.