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Software Outsourcing in Vietnam: Trends or Valuable?


To understand what vietnam software outsourcing company is, you just imagine it’s like paying someone to do things for you that you do not have the time or human resource to do, but still make sure the work is done. Accurate progress in terms of both time and quality.

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Vietnam software outsourcing
Outsourcing is divided into three levels of outsourcing:
  • Partial outsourcing means the customer only assigns an it outsourcing company a certain stage, paying them to complete that part for them.
  • Total Outsourcing: Customers will complete the entire project, or require the outsourcing company to complete the telephony application, then hand over to them at cost, deadline, quality requirements. contract agreed.
  • Testing / QA: Customers may have completed a phone or web application, some software, but they want to ask another company to help them check that software or application, and discover the technical error to timely processing.
Based on the three types of outsourcing discussed above, we can distinguish the work required by this as follows:
  • Programming
  • Testing
  • Fix bug
The point of the software outsourcing process is that they often do not care too much about the project information they are going to do, they only need to know the requirements needed to complete the job, with partners, and support when needed. And the software then succeeded or failed, sold out how, what is the story of others. They have no right or obligation to care about this.

How much does it cost to create an application or software?

This is hard to say, because it depends a lot on your skill level as well as your machining skills with your company. If your company is international, outsourcing to big tech companies such as Apple, Samsung or other companies, the cost is high due to high technical requirements.

How Software outsourcing has developed in Vietnam now?

It can be said, the software development services industry in recent years is growing rapidly in Vietnam. Many outsourcing companies have sprung up, and open their vision to global outsourcing market.. Savvycom, for example, has been a small company since its inception with a few key members. Gradually, they have grown their team, moving towards to competing and potential markets, to become a top 25 leading outsourcing companies, honored by Clutch in 2017.