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Top 5 IT jobs with Highest Salary in Vietnam

Today OutsourcingITVietnam will introduce to you the top 5 Vietnam IT jobs with highest salrary  in 2017 in Vietnam. Thereby, we can see the development of the IT industry in Vietnam and the employment opportunities with attractive salary for future job seekers. However, we still need to adhere to the work of passion and skill and the best. Do not see any door open to run after it to burn it.

1, Project Manager | $ 2000 – $ 5000

Not surprisingly, this job is on the top of high-paying jobs, but not at all. Vietnamese people usually have the criteria of the “less in work but high in salary”. However, we all know that such work does not exist. Project management too, this job is really harder than we imagined.
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Project Manager | Top 5 IT jobs with Highest Salary in Vietnam
To become a project manager, these skills are the minimum skills you need: time management (for the team), communication with the customer, and solving problems arising in the process of tracking the project.

2, Software Engineers | $ 1500 – $ 4000

Ranked #2 in the list of highest paid jobs in the IT industry, software engineers are considered as the key right hand of these particular product companies.
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Software Engineers | Top 5 IT jobs with Highest Salary in Vietnam
  • To become a software engineer, you need to possess the following skills:
  • Comprehensive skill about the overall system of a product and can work well with it.
  • Understand the relevant blockchain technology in healthcare (depending on the product)
  • In particular, there is a need to be decisive in the work to timely make reasonable decisions about his work.
  • In addition, good communication skills, and leadership are also required.

3, Product Owner | $ 1200 – $ 3000

Product owners are the product owners responsible for focusing on developing a single product such as a website, a software.
Product Owner | Top 5 IT jobs with Highest Salary in Vietnam
These people need observation skills, bug detection and problem solving. At the same time, there is a general knowledge of many aspects associated with user behavior research.

4, Tester | $ 500 – $ 3000

Tester is responsible for testing the quality of the application software after developer code it then edit it to improve the software / application.
The work of the tester is divided into manual tests and automated tests. Manual testing requires a lot of personal skills, and automatic testing requires you to work with a large system. Thus, it can be said that the automatic test has a higher salary. up to $ 4000 when they work for top software testing outsouricng companies.
Tester | Top 5 IT jobs with Highest Salary in Vietnam
As with other IT disciplines, Tester also asks for certain skills such as “Logical Analytical Thinking, Rapid Learning and Communication Skills,” and the importance of having a highly meticulous province, as the tester asks the person to work. It is important to find out the errors and write down it to improve the software better.

5, Devops Engineer | $ 1000- $ 2500

This profession is a combination of both software development engineers, quality assurance and operations. It can be seen that this is a general form of occupation of 3 other occupations, so the level of specialized skills is not as high as independent professions such as testers or software engineers.
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DevOps Engineer | Top 5 IT jobs with Highest Salary in Vietnam
To become a DevOps engineer, you need to equip yourself with the ability to work with a variety of technologies, cod capabilities, script deploy and test. The ability to manage data with huge amounts of data is also required.