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UDI Maps | Flooding Road Avoiding Application For Saigon

UDI MAPS is developed by Environment Company in Saigon, an outsourcing software development company that shows roads and flooded areas on maps so that people will avoid such roads. Here is an overview of the main features and functionality of this smartphone application.
udi map

Generic application functionality

UDI Maps flood warning application helps the people of Ho Chi Minh City to avoid flooding when traveling on the road. Through this application people will know which areas are likely to appear submerged in order to find the appropriate direction of movement, avoid flooding points. In addition, with UDI Maps, users can interact with managers, provide information about floodplains of the city for processing directions. Bring by an it outsourcing company.
Download here: Google Play

Main Funtions

  • Receive notifications and prompts for immediate entry.
  • View information: weather, flood forecast, flood point information, tidal stations, rain gauges, flood monitoring, ..
  • Find a flooded spot on the road to find another direction.
  • View camera images in each flooded area.
  • Providing information and images for managers.
  • Operating system: Android, iOS.
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