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Why Vietnam Become Potential ITO Market?

Why Vietnam Become Potential IT Outsourcing Market?

It has recently begun to compare Vietnam with India in the outsourcing software development company market. There must be a reason for a small Vietnam to rise to the level of the Indian giant in this highly competitive information technology market.

To confirm the position of the Vietnamese market potential, can see through the following strengths:
  • There are many big technology companies such as Samsung, LG, Apple have chosen Vietnam it outsourcing company as the point has been and will invest in the near future.
  • Every year, thousands of students in information technology graduate with good degrees, good skills.
  •  And to be able to integrate into the international market, the number of graduates with good English skills has improved. Vietnam is trying to help its students in information technology, so language is no longer the biggest barrier for students to work in international and multinational environmental companies.
  • Not from the abundant human resources, the government of Vietnam also has the stepping stone in the country’s software development services. Specifically, the tax exemption policy, investment policy strongly in the way high technology.
  • And a single point that can beat some of the big markets in the world as cheap labor but quality guaranteed. Especially, when startups do not have much capital to invest in, venture or invest heavily, now with cheap IT human resources, startups can have an additional opportunity to grow their businesses, Thanks to the support of application technology is rampant in the internet world today.