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You WIll Lost Many Things When Keep This

Before the trip, we often post our ticket to the Facebook page, Instagram and other social networks, mainly to show off to friends that you are preparing for travel. to someplace. This action can lead to many harms that you do not anticipate, especially when you post the ticket without covering the sensitive information. It can even cause you to lose your airline’s online account and even worse, steal money from your bank account.
Revealing your flight tickets cause serious effects

Never share your flight ticket without hiding your private information

Remember that Facebook or other social network is not as secure as you think, even you share photos on your personal page and only tag a few friends. The bad guys always have a way to get what’s up to you.
When you post air tickets that leave the bar code uncovered or not hidden, other people can easily install the barcode app into the phone and scan the one. In these barcodes are all important information such as the name, gender, and ticket code of the ticket. Some airlines also dip the flight number into the ticket to help check in to the aircraft faster, more convenient.
To prove this, a guy tried to detect the codes on the plane tickets shared on Instagram or social networks. And it’s not surprising that he’s got user information as well as important flight information that only users should know with some simple tricks.

When knowing this information, what someone can do?

To answer this question, there is a deep concern about the carelessness of users for sharing images on social networks. If I’m a fraud, with that information, I can steal your account on that airline, reset the password to steal the account. Once you have your account, it will save your visa card on it, so take your money just late, right? (When this vulnerability is discovered the aircraft has fixed it so it is not easy to play.)
Online thief | What can they do?
For an individual, name, age and gender, it does not matter what, what does it do, or does it? This is one of the very subjective thoughts of the user. The truth is clear, one can do more than that.
With your ID number, gender, can you break, or get involved in legal procedures? Be careful, do not let the time to meet and then fall back, it is tired.

I want to be safe, what should I do?

    • Do not show your ticket online in any way. But if you do want to show others your travels, be sure to cover the following sensitive information:
    • Cover all types of barcodes and codes on tickets, on boarding passes, and on luggage labels
    • Cover your name, gender
    • Cover reservation code if any (this is very important)
    • Always cover flight numbers, hours
    • In short, leaving only where and where to go (but there is the risk of being disturbed as previously shared)