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4 Factors Contribute To Success of Outsourcing IT Market in 2018


Outsourcing is becoming an attractive industry for corporations and technology companies around the world. IT outsourcing has long been fascinated by the attraction itself. The utility it benefits, then the profit after the contract is so big. It is difficult for anyone to resist the challenge of this industry.

And to prove this, we have witnessed the explosion of this attractive market in 2017. Is there anything new, or is there any contribution to this success in 2018?

What are the it outsourcing trends of 2018?

Let’s go through 5 ways to go through the process and will contribute to create a brilliant success in 2018.

1, Artificial Intelligence

In addition to human intelligence, working with machines, artificial intelligence also contributes significantly to the success of these it outsourcing company markets.

Understandably, no roboots work in place of dangerous places, so humans can not soon discover their hypotheses are true.

With the advancement of modern technology, creating AIs is a good point to make the industry so exciting.

Imagine, when you have free time you can chat with these friendly AI, is not it interesting?

2, Automation Technology

Alongside the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence, automated technology has also contributed to this kind of thinking. This can be seen clearly, through some comparisons between outsourcing and automation.

Automation is believed to kill outsourcing in America. Do you believe in this?

From a variety of sources, it is common practice for Americans to sign contracts for outsourcing to ensure that everything is better, and that human resources are cheaper than domestic ones.

3, Step into the era of self-learning machine

Talking about machine learning, we think of the combination of AI and Machine Learning, it will be a perfect duo, self-learning and self-running.

Notice, the world has been moving into this era for a long time. And smaller industries are also beginning to learn from the older men, taking a quick step into this era.

To better understand the power of these technologies, we can learn about Google Rankbrain, you probably never heard of. However, Google has released a self-learning, self-study, self-run, and tested to produce the final product with almost absolute accuracy.

Can anybody do the two things well, if not their brain is a fast and accurate data loading and processing machine. No, no humans (except geniuses) have the capacity to absorb a huge amount of knowledge, and constantly update like this.

4, The Internet of Things

An additional field of information technology that we can not help but mention, an important factor contributing to the success of outsourcing companies.

An example of this market penetration is the smart meter series that measures the amount of calories we burn every day. Make the washing machine with remote control function.