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How AI Technology Threat To The Near Future of Human

In the many benefits of AI to the tech world or the people who use them, the founders, do you ever think that it would be a knife to stab people?
This question is no longer strange in the AI ​​era. Like a double-edged sword, these cutting-edge technologies fall into the wrong hands of bad people and good people do good deeds. However, every danger when bad guys take advantage of this artificial weapon to sabotage our lives, it is much more convincing.

Recent AI experts around the world have unveiled a list of the real dangers of artificial intelligence. The list is divided into three smaller branches: Digital, Physics, and Politics.
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AI with Human Life: Threat or Benefits?
More clear about the goals that AI can become a dangerous tool, one can clearly see a whole picture of this idea:

1, Threats in the digital domain

Back in the world in recent years, the problem of hackers using AI to create a fictitious set of applications, websites and emails to steal user information has become a critical blow. Regardless of the software that automatically detects system vulnerabilities, hackers can quickly create backdoor attacks and take over, inflicting heavy damage on those who use them.

2, AI and deadly automatic terrorist weapons

Believe it or not, during the First and Second World Wars, bombs automatically triggered and chase the target to the end. These are visible hazards, and unfortunately can not be prevented.
Also, remote weapons, along with AI technology, are now too easy to destroy.

3, political purpose

Living in a free country, or not, the authorities, there is always a backup plan in case his evil actions are brought to trial, but one There are tools to help hide this information, What do you think is okay? Yes it is AI.