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The Future of AI technolog is safe for Human Civilization or not?

According to CNBC, Apple co-founder, said that AI has nothing to worry about either now or in the future. And the prophecies or predictions of Stephen Hawking or SpaceX chief Elon Musk are totally unconvincing to him anymore.

Cut off the predictions of the deadly danger of artificial intelligence. Stephen Hawking argues that “AI can become the worst event in the history of human civilization.” Or Musk likened the danger to AI as well as North Korea, which is launching nuclear warheads.
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The Way Stephen Hawking and Musk say about the danger of AI in the future

What is the reason why Wozniak changed his mind?

Wozniak made the argument by pointing out that a 2-year-old can only remember a dog’s image by looking at it every day. Similarly, AI is a machine, they need to look at the picture many times until they actually recognize it.
Wozniak believes that human intelligence is smarter than self-learning machines, so there’s nothing to worry about AI.

How do you feel about this one?

Standing at a different angle, unlike Wozniak’s, we come to the realization that artificial intelligence machines are built into AI blockbusters. How great is the destruction and destruction. However, if only think that people are smart so do not worry.
To counter this twist, I do not take sides, I just say that if these machines need time to learn something like humans, they can be smarter than humans someday.
If we bring people out in comparison with machines, people may have thoughts, which are influenced by the kinds of emotions. But these AI machines are not, or at some distant future. They work relentlessly, because they are not tired. If people spent two weeks on a book, these machines would probably only take two hours to load that knowledge into their information processing chips.

Understanding the dangers of artificial intelligence is predictable to some extent. But it does not make sense when Wozniak defends them.
The same as a human birth can be a healthy body or disease. For every person who programmed these robots, if AI falls into the wrong hands it can very well turn into a purge machine.