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What is the expectation of Vietnam AI software companies in 2018

2017 witnessed a significant shift of it outsourcing company, and it is expected that a major leap forward will result in a more robust AI application programming industry in 2018. . When people realize that this piece of cake is not just for big companies or corporations. 
The applications developed both for the domestic market and outsource app development company to large markets such as US or AU also contributed a small part.
The expectation of Vietnam AI software companies in 2018
As in the previous years, the trend of offshoring development industry mainly focused on the application of health care, education and artificial intelligence opened up opportunities for further development. branch. Why do we miss such a potential opportunity?
Not to mention big global brainwaves like Google Brain, or virtual assistants of high-end smartphones. AI chatbots are also becoming a publicity weapon that helps companies reach and keep in touch with their customers. Not too complicated, investing in chatbots in customer service is a good step.
Gradually, Vietnamese IT outsourcing companies accept the challenge of economic potential and human resources in new areas. Taking the lead in new trends, and catching up with the most advanced technology, nothing is wrong or anything. We have to acknowledge that AI projects have brought good profitability to big companies, so why not take the challenge and take it for yourself?