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How Blockchain vs AI vs 5G are changing our life

Forbes recently published an article titled “5G, AI and Blockchain: Changing the Game.” In fact, Jay Srage, president of Qualcomm in the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe, has talked about improving the latest technology in the industry and life.
In terms of change, we’ve seen how 3G, 4G disturbs the telecom market, or the way that AI and Blockchain create a new, fascinating but complex technology. However, those who do technology will not because of the complexity of it that give up so easily.
ai blockchain vs 5g
With the launch of 5G, the combination of AI and blockchain, Jay Srage believes in a huge jump in global GDP growth until 2035. It’s hard to believe, but we can all believe in the power of technology today.
Actually, we can all believe in that future. Where, recent events, testify to the dramatic transformation of technology. For example, UBer is researching on automatic steering technology, automatic delivery. With the impact of 5G technology, things will be easier to see.
AI and Blockchain also become the perfect pair in many technologies and applications, especially in health care applications. AI and Blockchain will also become a fully automatic, secure and fully automatic vehicle for users when combined with this expected 5G technology.
In the near future, AI and Blockchain will be a powerful arm in the era of technology improvement and make it more human-friendly. And we will also see the moment when people and machines gain insight as to how humans and humans are doing now.