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How Spotify Revolutionized The Music Industry Using Artificial Intelligence Software


The 20 centuries have seen a dramatic leap in technology, it is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Want it or not, AI is generally being the essential part of our lives. The closest example of this technology probably is such a mobile app as Spotify. In some cases, we have to admit that this artificial intelligence companies might know us better than ourselves.

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Based in Stockholm, Spotify is currently a giant in the music streaming market. To drive success, this company has brought the latest technology from big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning into every part of organization.

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SPOTIFY – Users‘ best friends.

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Discover Weekly – a personalized mixtape in every Monday.

Available in 65 countries and having nearly 170 million users mean that Spotify owns a tremendous source of data. But the amazing thing here is Spotify’s Discover Weekly – the unique feature that put Spotify at the zenith of career. Ever since Discover Weekly debuted in 2015, Spotify reached 40 million users in its first year. Particularly, every user might kick off a whole new week with a personalized playlist sent from their best friend – Spotify. How could Spotify do this amazing thing? In fact, this AI software company used that information to train the algorithms and machines to listen to music and extrapolate insights that impact its business and the experience of listeners.

This could explain why Spotify always knows us so well. Today we listen to our favorite song, our favorite genre; and surprisingly, Spotify’s Ai software will collect the songs having the same melody but we never heard before as daily personalized mixtapes and recommend to us in the following days.

SPOTIFY: Virtual artists are no more just a dream.

Like other AI software companies, Spotify is trying to obtain a higher rank in a technological marathon. In 2017, The streaming music leader just hired Francios Pachet, a French professor and artificial intelligence researcher focused, among other things, on teaching computers to create their own music. Officially, Pachet will head up Spotify’s new Creator Technology Research Lab in Paris.

Obviously, Spotify was not the first project in the field of AI-assisted music. In two recent years, projects like Google’s Magenta and IBM’s Watson have taken their own crack at feeding musical rules and knowledge into machines in order to teach them how to mimic human creativity. However, it seemed that Pachet’s work is more about replacing artists and supplementing the creative process with automation.

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Spotify composes song based on AI vs Deep learning vs Machine learnings

The question here is why Spotify invest too much on AI software? Basically, if Spotify ‘s computers compose hit songs by “ fake ” artists, then they can save a ton of money, instead of paying royalties to human artists. As an example, Pachet and a group of European artists instructed AI software to write a song and create instrumentation that mimics the Beatles. Humans wrote the lyrics and refined the arrangement. The result, an AI song posted online called “Daddy’s Car,” sounds as if the Beatles got hired to write a jingle for a chipper Mentos commercial.

From the achievements Spotify has gained, we can see that took a big leap in AI music. With four acquisitions with technology companies like Niland – AI software startup, Mediachain Labs – blockchain team and so on, we, though not knowing the next step Spotify might take, can expect the company to continue to humanize data in a creative way.