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As IT outsourcing brings us considerable benefits, it has been becoming a business strategy recent years. However, choosing an IT outsourcing company that meets your company’s requirements is not easy. Here are 5 tips for you:
IT outsourcing has been becoming a business strategy.

Clearly define your goals

Before you make a decision on using IT outsourcing services, define what you want to achieve as clearly as possible. Then, make sure that your partner perfectly understands what your strategies and objectives are. Once your partner does, they will know what to do in order to fulfill all your requirements.
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Examine their previous experience

Ask to take a look at their portfolio to understand the projects they used to carry out. If the analysis is carefully done, you will get a lot of information about your partner:
  • Which are technologies they work with?
  • What are clients they worked with?
  • What were challenges they used to take on? How did they consult their clients?
  • Have they ever worked on large-scale projects? Or just small projects?
  • A careful analysis of the IT outsourcing company you’re going to hire can save you a lot of time and money.

Check out the feedback from other clients

Taking notice of the client reviews. Those honest comments will tell you how satisfied their clients are and whether they did well on the previous projects. Then, you will get an idea of whether your partner is suitable or not.

Check their cost

Remember to check if there are any hidden costs | Source: Seven Lakes Technologies.
One of the reason why you decide to contract an IT outsourcing company is to lower the costs. Therefore, make sure the service price is fixed and check if there are any additional costs in implementation such as connectivity, infrastructure, transition, communication etc. If there are any hidden costs, you should make it clear with your partner.

Identify how they communicate

It’s impossible that the project can produced the desired outcome when you and your partner have poor communication. Are they available whenever you need to speak with them? Do they have some video conferencing tools to have a meeting with you when you can not meet in person? How do they respond to your phone calls and send e-mails? Make sure the communication is good before deciding to collaborate with your partner.