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Education Mobile Apps: A Growing Trend In 4.0 Industrial Era


The 4.0 revolution is expected to make a significant breakthrough in the education sector. Without going to school, now we can stay at home and take online university courses or free lessons with advanced devices like smartphones or tablets. The thick books are gradually being replaced by a smartphone that fits your jacket pocket. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the mobile technology has revolutionized the education industry.


Mobile learning apps have revolutionized the education industry.




Let’s have a look at the ways mobile apps make a revolution in education:
Easier access to education

Imagine that one day you are lying on the bed and lulling your baby to sleep while you are still attending your language class. That’s almost impossible in the past but nowadays m-learning (mobile learning) allows you to learn everything anytime and anywhere. Even when you have become a mother and are not able to pursue your studies, everything you need to do is to install an application on your mobile and have the lectures and study whenever you get time.
A clearer learning path with instant and automatic updates
There are more and more education mobile apps integrated with phone-based learning reminders and organizers. You will be alerted to the updates on their courses like: upcoming events, quizzes, exams, homework due dates and more. If you are unluckily distracted, you can also easily go on the lessons without losing the content you previously studied. M-learning method helps you to have a more personalized learning path than the traditional method does.
Reduce the learning cost
Think about the fee you have to pay for your study at school. You have to pay not only for the tuition fee but also for hundreds of work books, notebooks and other materials. Besides, bringing thick textbooks to school everyday can easily make you tired and fed up with school. By learning on mobile, all you need is a device with internet connection and a passion to study. Cheaper and more convenient.
Provide students with more interactive and interesting lessons
If you are the one who easily falls asleep when reading textbooks, don’t worry, lessons provided on education mobile apps will help you solve this problem. The lively illustrations, clear sounds and interactive videos will attract you towards studies and enhance the overall productivity.
For example, Duolingo, which is the best known and most popular app to learn a new language, is recognized by users because the lively lessons it provides.
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A language lesson on Duolingo | Source: SwapMyApp
Bridge student-teacher communication gap
Besides apps allowing you to learn by yourself, there are many apps designed for teachers and schools. These apps help teachers easily keep track of different things like performance assessment, attendance, and grading. Moreover, they can easily keep students and parents informed by sharing information about an upcoming event or campaign. A piece of chalk and blackboard nowadays are no longer needed for a class. Education mobile apps have gradually replaced the traditional classrooms in the present era and they soon become the future of education.