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Top 5 English Learning Mobile Apps on iPhone


To learn English well, you have to learn whenever, wherever and on any devices possible. So, which one is the best English learning mobile app on iPhone? Which app is really helpful and easy to use? What is the most effective way to learn how to speak and write naturally?

Top English learning mobile apps on iPhone.

This article will help you make the best decision!

#1. Monkey Junior

With more than 1000 lessons for each language, Monkey Junior deserves to be a first-class app to learn English. Knowledge diversity in every topics is provided due to vocabulary richness, correct pronunciation through video and guiding programs. Moreover, this English learning mobile app becomes more interactive with quizzes, games, which are interestingly designed upon different levels. So, Monkey Junior is one of those apps that should be on every English learner’s iOS devices.

#2. Duolingo

Duolingo app, symbolized by the picture of an owl, is also used by many people. After the initial test, each user will have a customized syllabus full of increasingly complex game-like lessons. This helps create an exciting English learning process. You can also download the English learning app on Appstore.

#3. Bravolol

Bravolol is a good English language learning tool for those who love to travel or who are new to English. Bravolol’s rich and varied descriptive images also provide users with well-structured English conversations. With more than 800 phrases and common words, the application will help you improve your listening and speaking skills. The application is also a dictionary so you can look up words and phrases when needed.

#4. Learn English Easily

Learn English Easily provides the users with a fun and easy way to learn the English vocabulary through meaningful, close-up pictures. Users will quickly remember the new words through dynamic images as well as the international phonetic alphabet. Learn English Easily mobile app also provides you with periodic exams to test your knowledge in the learning process. And, after each test, the application will summarize and give constructive feedback so that users can have a better understanding of their personal progress.

#5. Speak English

Another English learning mobile app is Speak English which is very useful in enhancing the users’ ability to communicate. This education app provides the users with various model sentences in different contexts such as: day-to-day dialogue, job interview, business presentation and so on. The way to learn English with Speak English is actually quite original. The users start out by hearing the application’s model dialogue, then repeat after it. The program then will record the users’ voices to compare the correct pronunciation. In this way, users can improve their English speaking skills in a short period of time.