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4 Handy iPhone Tips that you might not know


Your iPhone might be cover to hundred hidden features that you never know that it existed. Today I will give you some handy iPhone tips that can be incredibly handy.

4 Handy IPhone Tips To Know

1.Speed up a Sluggish iPhone

You might find your iPhone slow down over time due to your space is full of old folders and unnecessary apps. Well, this is in inevitable in the technology world. My suggestion is that you should try to get into a habit of deleting apps and folder that is no longer needed. If you don’t want to delete your photo, you can always back them up through iCloud. Delete photos on your phone later.

Clean your Safari data and cookies is a great way to keep your phone running smoothly. And sometime, you should restart your iPhone. Turn it off can clear out the memory that your phone might have been holding.

2. Shake to undo

This feature might be one of the most convenient features hidden in the iPhone. If you accidentally make some error or delete something important, then get shaking to bring up the undo button.

3. Awesome Calculate iPhone Tricks

If you didn’t know this trick yet then probably you might find calculating on iPhone feel like crap. Every time you mistype a number, you have to reset all the math. How annoying is that? There is a simple, handy trick to avoid that. Just swipe left or right on the calculator display panel to remove the last entered digit.

If you lazy like I am, you will be thrilled to know this. You can ask Siri to do your math. All you need is to recite your equation to it. Siri can solve slightly complicated problems like quadratic equations or factorials too. Depending on the complexity of your math problem, this can take from a second to several seconds. It can even recommend an online article related to the subject.

4. Safety Driving

iPhone has provided a Do Not Disturb mode for keeping your notifications, texts from distracting you while trying to work or get some sleep. It can extremely helpful while you are behind the wheel.  To set this on go to Settings > Do Not Disturb.

Another great iPhone tip for safe driving is to have your phone read the text aloud. If you don’t want to face penalties for using your phone while driving, then this can become handy.

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and chose the option Speak Selection. Now, when you long-press your messages, you will find the speak option.