Being a new parent is the most rewarding role a person can take on in their lifetime. But with every new job, there is always a learning curve. There is no instruction manual on how exactly to be a parent, with every person taking on a different style with different techniques while figuring out what works best for them. Of course, the new little bundle of joy is the cutest blessing in the world, but being that adorable only makes parents super neurotic over their newborn—no matter if it is their first baby or fifth. With technology having seeped into almost facets of our life, have you ever thought about using your phone to assist you with your parental duties? And, if you own a smartphone, there are many parenting apps that could you get started!
Here are some best baby development apps that help you track baby’s milestones, figure out why he has a fever, and get him on a sleeping schedule.

1. First Year

baby mobile app, baby app for mom
First Year Baby App
Set reminders and input data all with a few finger taps – no typing necessary. Under the Health Question section, keep notes handy for doctor visits and track new milestones, like Baby’s first smile, in real time. Click on the camera icon in the milestone section and you can even take a photo of the milestone as it’s happening!

2. Baby Connect

baby connect app, baby connect app for mom
Baby Connect App for Mom 2018
This is the Bentley of baby development apps. Baby Connect provides you with everything you’ll need to keep a close check on baby’s growth, development, and health. The app is loaded with trackers: bottle feeding, nursing, solid foods, pumping, diapers, sleep, medicine, milestones, baby’s moods, doctor’s visits. All the info is noted in graphical reports and charts to help you track trends and to e-mail/share with partners and babysitters. You can set up notifications and reminder alarms to keep up a schedule and synchronize info with other phones.

3. Kinedu

Kinedu app, baby development app
Kinedu App for Baby Development
Each day, parents will notice that their newborn is developing more and more. Many parents might wonder how to help them along and teach them their first skills. That is where Kinedu comes in, this baby development app provides users with exercises every day to simulate their newborn and help them improve their motor, sensory, cognitive, linguistic skills. The exercises come with a short video to instruct the parent. The exercises are new each day, with the option to go back and keep practicing all the skills.

4. Tiny Beans

Tiny Beans, baby development app, baby apps
Tiny Beans App for Baby Development
It is basically an app which allows you to record photographs of your little one each day.
Sounds simple, but when it really came into its own was the ability to share the images with family or friends. For instance, if parents decide not to post any photos of their child on social media, they still can give to relatives or close friends the link to their Tiny Beans account. In this way, parents still can share day-to-day moments of their child without all the world being able to see. This app would be especially great for families that are spread further apart- even internationally!

5. Talkspace

Talkspace Apps | Baby App Development for Mom 2018
Perhaps the person we always forget to think about when caring for a newborn is ourselves. Parenting is a great burden, and many parents confess to struggling through this wonderful but tiring time. Post-partum depression is a huge issue for many moms and dads. This is where Talkspace comes in. The app will connect you with a licensed therapist. Talking to a therapist is always helpful, and this app will help connect you with one from your own home.
These baby development apps allow parents to enter multiple children and will send reminders and prompts about milestones and recommendations, as well as any appointments parents enter. The instructions and explanations are clear and user-friendly, and the milestones are all very reasonable ones that allow for the normal variations we see among children.