With the advance of the Internet of Things comes several innovations that help people to save time and money. The coolest innovation is a virtual assistant. Rather than paying a hefty salary, offering bonuses, and dishing out more benefits to an in-house employee, people can reduce costs by hiring remote employees and investing in virtual assistant software programs to streamline their processes. With so many choices for artificial intelligence, the question is “ Where do people put their trust?”.

In order to answer this question, we will look at some aspects of the top three virtual assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.

General Knowledge

alexa amazon, google virtual assistant, siri iphone
Alexa (Amazon) beat Google Assistant & Siri in Some special Feature


In this category, Alexa edge Google Assistant and Siri. This virtual assistant answers more questions correctly than other assistants. Moreover, it gives context or cited a source website for the information. Also, Alexa is the only one that identifies what most scholars believe to be Shakespeare’s first play and give the correct schedule of TV shows. On the other hands, Google Assistant is close to Alexa, it provides fast answers with context but the TV schedule does not as good as Alexa. However, it provides the most complete information about the distance between the Earth and Jupiter. Meanwhile, Siri is the worst in this category. Previously, Apple staffs said that Siri was not designed for answering trivia questions. In the most questions that were asked Siri apologized and could not answer the questions or it gave irrelevant and useless information. Nevertheless, Siri provided the most appropriate information about ALCS results.


entertainment using virtual assistant
Cool feature of these virtual assistant in entertainment
Another cool feature of virtual assistants is integration with home-entertainment equipment. With Alexa, users can control Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Fire TV Edition, also it allows to open apps, jump around in time, play and pause. In the same way, Google Assistant provides control playback on a Chromecast, including TVs with Chromecast built in. This assistant offers a few services and users should connect some of the apps via their phone first. In additions, both these virtual assistants can control devices using a third-party intermediary such as Logitech’s Harmony Hub. In this field, Siri is a unique one because users can control music and podcast playback on an Apple Tv or other AirPlay speakers by iPhone or the HomePod. However, it does not feature a lot of functions such as Alexa and Google Assistant. Nowadays, Siri has built in the remote which gives users to skip around in a video, turn on captions and open apps. With such upgrade, Apple TV-based Siri still inconvenient because it does not provide third-party integrations.

Online shopping

online shopping, virtual assistant help
Online Shopping with the help of virtual assistants
Buying things using virtual assistant seems to be a good feature but in real-life it still feels cumbersome. In this industry, Alexa should have the advantage due to the fact that it integrates with Amazon’s shopping catalog but it has troubles when users request orders. On the other hands, Google Assistant provides some additional choices for users and let them add items to a shopping list later if they did not want to add them then but firstly users need to accept the terms and conditions for its shopping service. Siri, by comparison, gives irrelevant information when was asked about GTA 5 for Xbox One.

Communication and Availability

Siri has big advantage in terms of communication and availability
In terms of communication and availability, Siri has an advantage because it allows users to call, compose and send text messages as well as email to any contact. In additions, it allows making international calls and calls emergency services, which neither of the others can handle. Moreover, Siri provides third-party calling and messaging for some apps such as Viber and WhatsApp. The one place that Siri does rule is in availability by country. Apple’s assistant is available in more than 30 countries and 20 languages and some different dialects. On the other hands, Alexa and Google Assistant only allow users to call and send voice or text messages to users in contacts. Also, neither of these assistants provide third-party  Besides, Google Assistant is available in only seven countries and speaks only some language. Alexa can manage only English and German.
Alex, Google Assistant, and Siri together represent the future of virtual assistants which will be specialized, personalized, highly intelligent and optimally available in the form of dedicated physical appliances.