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Explore 3 App Development Ideas for Wearable Devices


App development for wearable devices, also known as wearable technology, is rapidly evolving every single day. Those apps are transforming and improving our life’s quality but not everybody knows their significant roles. Let’s check out 5 most brilliant ideas to develop wearable apps in this blog to learn more.

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App development ideas for Wearable Devices

What is app development for wearable devices?

If you are a big fan of Detective Conan, you must know powerful wearable gadgets Professor Ahgasa created for Conan, for instance, the voice-changing bowtie or the glasses modification. The technology applied to the latter exists in real life as “bone conduction”, which is employed by Google Glass device.

Basically, app development for wearable devices, as the term suggests, is the specific design of apps which can be integrated with devices worn on users. A wearable app typically has two parts, one of which runs on wearable devices like watches, clothes, headphones etc. and the other runs on the user’s phones. Those smart devices were designed to measure the wearer’s personal data so that they can help users to achieve health goals or keep them safe.

3 ideas to develop Android apps integrated with wearable devices

Health Tracking App Development

Healthcare should be the industry that can obtain wearable technology most as activity tracking apps have become more and more popular in the past few years for its smartness and convenience. Apps integrated into smart devices like fitness trackers, sports watches, smart shoes or smart clothes can be developed to measure the overall number of calories consumed or burned, the heart rate, the respiratory rate or step count. All those data will be stored and analyzed to offer users recommendations to change their lifestyle to achieve their goals to enhance their health.

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Samsung Gear Sport.

Android apps integrated with Samsung Gear Sport, Google Pixel smartwatch band or iOS ones developed for iWatch are some popular examples of software development for healthcare wearables.

Another application that must be mentioned is the group of implantable, which are surgically attached under your skin, often for medical reasons. Implantable wearables in healthcare are expected to become the future of technology in the next 20 years.

Payment App Development

The extensive features of wearable apps can drive innovations in the finance sector as well. Wearable apps could make wireless transactions possible in one small gadget.

PayPal smartwatch

PayPal smartwatch

The advantage of wearables is the biometric capabilities and the securities. Some of the devices that can be mentioned are Google Glass, Samsung-Paypal smartwatch, Disney’s MagicBand, bPay and more.

Entertainment App Development

Entertainment can utilize wearable technology in a number of ways to bring users a completely different gaming experience – biometric experience. This technology enables gamers to play video games with gestures, hands-free and play games everywhere. You may play golf on a virtual golf course with the use of compatible wearable devices.

Google Glass.

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Google Smart Glass

Some wearable gadgets like Samsung Gear S3, an upgrade to the Samsung Gear S2, can be worn on the wrist and used for not only fitness but entertainment applications as well.
Virtual Reality (VR) headsets such as Google Smart Glass, ChipSip SiME Smart Glasses and STARVR can take video gaming to a whole new level.

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