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How image recognition technology WILL CHANGE your MIND


The amount of information flooding the Internet is huge. Interpreting the visual world is one of those things that’s so easy for humans. When human sees something, whether it’s a tree or a car, he usually doesn’t have to consciously study it before he can tell what it is. However, for a computer is an amazingly difficult problem. In addition, for brands, this data represents both a challenge and an opportunity as they look to effectively market themselves, protect their image, and excel in the era of information overload.

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Image recognition software, a subset of artificial intelligence, is the creation of a neural network that processes all the pixels that make up an image. These networks are presented with heaps of objects that already identified so the network can learn and recognize similar objects. For instance, an AI would be shown thousands of images of dogs then AI would learn what images of dogs should contain. When another image is given, the artificial intelligence would compare all the pixels to all the images of dogs it’s seen. In conclusion, finding no or few matches, the AI would recognize this image as another object.

Here are some best image recognition software and what sets them apart.

Google API Cloud Vision

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Google Api Cloud Vision | Image Recognition Technology

Google API Cloud Vision allows you to analyze images in so many useful ways: from recognizing explicit content to detecting emotional cues in faces. With such a wide suite of features, it’s a versatile tool that can be adapted to meet whatever your specific needs. Beyond its flexibility, this image recognition tool carries with it the power of Google and all that the name implies. This means it’s one of the most powerful tools you’ll find.

Amazon Rekognition

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Amazon Rekognition | Image Recognition Technology by Amazon

Another big name in the web-world, Amazon brings an image recognition tool to the table that has unique offerings. Amazon Rekognition not only analyzes still images, but it can also provide insight into videos. It’s a highly-technical program capable of:

    • An object, scene, and activity detection – playing football, bike, beach, city, etc.
    • Facial recognition – identify a person in a photo or video.
    • Facial analysis – smiling, eyes open, glasses, beard, gender.
    • Pathing – e.g. the movement of athletes during a game for post-game analysis.
    • Unsafe content detection – identify unsafe or inappropriate content in images and video.
    • Recognize celebrities – identify the stars from your video and image libraries.
    • Text in images – detect and recognize text such as street names, captions, product names, car number plates.

Amazon assures users that the constantly-learning image recognition tool is intuitive to integrate and use. A perk of Amazon Rekognition is that you only pay for data you use. This means that there are no minimum fees in place. This allows you to use the program as you see fit and access all the benefits of a powerful system without breaking the bank.

IBM Image Detection

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Ibm image detection | Image recognition technology by IBM

IBM – a giant in the tech world – is at the forefront of developing cutting-edge technology that not only makes the modern world better but also pushes it forward to new possibilities.
Its image recognition tools are some of the best out there. One of the main advantages of IBM Image Detection is how trainable it is. In other words, IBM provides a highly-customizable platform that can be tweaked to perform virtually any task you wish it to.

Image recognition technology will benefit any business, regardless of size, product, or market. From mega-corporations looking to maximize brand recognition to independent photographers wanting to expand their market via social media platforms. Image recognition is key to navigating our information-heavy world.

Image Recognition: Its revolutionary role in the business world