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Top 7 best Practical Programming Languages to learn in 2019


In this era of technology, software development is becoming a dynamic industry, which generates an enormous demand for developers. However, there are so many programming languages that can make them confused and do not know which to choose. Even though the number of coders who learn more than one programming language has been exponentially increasing for the past few years, not all of them know exactly what the most practical programming languages are.

list of top 7 programming language to learn 2019

Now, I will show you 7 best practical programming languages that can bring you a plenty of job opportunities in the future.


If asked what the most popular programming language is, almost everyone will think about Java. According to reliable statistics, the majority of Android apps were based on this programming language. “Write once, run anywhere”, Java’s famous slogan, tells us the major key that makes it so common and valuable. Java Virtual Machine, the keystone of Java, enables its cross-platform portability and the small size of its compiled code. LinkedIn, eBay, Amazon and countless large, reputable websites have been making use Java for the last two decade.

Java is not the most “trendy” programming language at the moment as it’s over 20 years old; however, it is still trustworthy for millions of developers to use.

In the next decade and beyond, there are tremendous job opportunities for backend developers, big data developers or Android developers.


First released in 1991 and known as a high-level programming language for general-purpose programming, Python is the most taught languages across the world. It can replace Java and should be the best choice for a newbie as it is one of the easiest programming languages. Python is also widely used in scientific computing, data science and artificial intelligence (machine learning). Many big players including Reddit, NASA, Google or Instagram are Python-based built.

Due to the impressive growth of artificial intelligence technologies, the demand for Python developers may be rising.


JavaScript, first introduced in 1995, is a true potential programming language as JavaScript itself proved extremely fruitful. It is mostly used in interactive web pages and will maximize its effectiveness when used with HTML and CSS. These 3 languages are core technologies of the World Wide Web. It is estimated that over 80% of developers have been using JavaScript for any dynamic logic on their web pages.

In terms of beautiful frontend development frameworks, React, Vue and Angular are the most outstanding libraries and frameworks in use of JavaScript. On the other side, Node.js is an application runtime environment which enables to run JavaScript on the backend efficiently.

As IoT and mobile devices become more and more popular, JavaScript has been increasingly dominating the tech world. Therefore, I strongly believe that there would be no shortage of JavaScript opportunities in the next few years.


Ruby is recognized as one of the best programming languages of all time. This general-purpose, object-oriented and reflective programming language was created in 1990.

Like Python, Ruby is also a high-level language aiming to achieve a lot with few lines of clean and readable code. It’s easy to comprehend and learn; therefore, it’s suitable for those who first learn programming languages.


C# (C sharp) is a general-purpose programming language which was developed by Microsoft.

To run on Microsoft’s .NET platform. It is effectively used in video game development for its flexibility.

It is rated as the most wonderful programming language in the world. According to LinkedIn, C# will be the future of developers.


This programming language is a bit difficult but fully appreciated by experts. A number of programmers find C++ more complex to learn than languages like Python or JavaScript.

C++ is an extension of C programming language and is usually used for system/application programming or game development. Plenty of large systems such as Microsoft, Oracle, PayPal, and Adobe were successfully created using C++.

Learning C++ can provide you with considerable job opportunities for developing desktop applications.


If you are an iOS developer, you should choose Swift. It was first introduced by Apple in 2014 and used to develop native iOS or macOS applications.

This is the language created specifically for iOS and OS X development. And you know, Apple is a powerful magnet for developers. It’s proved that iOS apps can generate more profits than Android apps can do. Therefore, you should start with Swift to earn your own income.

That’s all on this list of top 7 best practical programming languages to learn in 2018 and beyond I hope it’s useful for you to decide which one to learn.

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