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Website builders vs. hiring website developers: Which is better for you?


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The first web page was introduced in 1991 when you had to know at least a programming language to develop a website. After nearly 30 years, it’s much easier to create a website for your own, even when you are an amateur. You don’t need to learn any programming languages, or to have expert knowledge of software development either. Owing to a number of platforms that power users with no level of programming skills to create a website for their own or their business. How about hiring professional web developers? Could website builders replace them in the next decade? Which method is better for you? Let’s find out the answer to those questions together in this post.

Website builders

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Website builders do the most difficult tasks for you, both back-end development and front-end ones. It’s not necessary for you to have coding skills or the knowledge of programming languages like Java, PHP, Ruby, .NET and more. Drag-and-drop functions that website builders offer can help you. Similarly, if you don’t have any Photoshop skills or you don’t know HTML, Javascript, leave the stuff to website developers. They offer you thousands of pre-made templates that allow you to customise them like the way you want.

That’s what website builders can do for you. It’s a quicker and cheaper way to create a website than hiring website developer services.


  • Cost-saving: Obviously, the low cost is the greatest advantage of website builders. There are many tools offering us to create websites without paying anything. Some freemium tools require to pay a small fee to buy some templates or to use distinctive features.
  • Fast: Even when you create your website from scratch, it may take only a few hours to finish it.


  • Not professionally designed: In case some of your competitors may use the same website builder, your website will look similar to theirs, which can not show your uniqueness to the customers.
  • Poor SEO: Most tools have terrible Search Engine Optimization. That’s the most terrible thing because you can lose potential customers in the way that you don’t want to.
  • Slow loading time: Because it’s pre-coded, it means that you can not change the code of your website to boost the loading time.

Hiring Website Developers

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We can see that there are more and more website builders introduced day by day. So, the question is, could they replace website developers? The answer is, definitely, NO. Compared to a website built on free platforms, a website built by website developers may cost you over $20,000 and cost you a small monthly fee to maintain it. However, don’t focus too much on the cost of website development. The problem is, how much you and your business could earn if you have a professionally designed website developed by website developers.

You may put in a lot of efforts to create your own website using website builders; however, you don’t have to devote any efforts when hiring website developers. You can dream up an idea of a perfect website like the way you want, and share it to the developer team. They, like magicians, could convert your idea into reality in a certain time. They give you the customisation instead of drag-and-drop functions as website builders do.


  • Professional and customised design: A customised website can show your business’s style, key messages, and important information that you want to let your clients/customers know. Your content strategy can make your business stand out when compared to your competitors.
  • SEO optimised: It’s definitely better than free websites.
    Ongoing support: Ongoing maintenance plan is definitely included in the product package and you can ask the developer team to fix bugs or any problems coming up.


  • Higher upfront cost: If you have a limited budget to build a website, it’s quite a big problem to face. You do not know how your team you will work are: If you are lucky enough, you can team up with a group of developers that are nice, experienced and willing to listen to your comment. In contrast, if you choose the wrong people, your money is going to go waste. As the relationship between the two parties is long-term, be careful from the start.
  • Hidden costs: Some agencies require extra fees associated with the bills during the process or after delivering you the products. Hence, make clear at the time you negotiate the contract.

Which is better for you?

Website builders for Who?

Website builders are the perfect choice for individuals or small businesses with low budgets:

  • Small business, Start-ups, New business with limited budgets.
  • Hobbyists who want to share experience, knowledge or passion with others.
  • Bloggers.
  • Small non-profit organizations.
  • Artists who want to update their schedules or daily news.
    And so on.

Who should hire professional web developers?

  • The business generating considerable yearly revenue
  • Local business in the competitive industry
  • High transaction value business

Now, do you have the answers to the questions I mentioned above? If you do, let me know by leaving comments below. Thanks for reading!

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