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Find a Good Match – Top 3 Best Free Dating Apps 2019


Dating apps have been becoming a hot trend this year. As a result, app developers have released many tempting free dating apps 2019 serving for customers’ demand so there are a lot of options for you to choose from Apple App Stores or Google play, even on the web. It might make you a little confused about what you really should try and take a risk on, everything in this app will make stories related to relationships. Below is a top list of the best free dating apps in 2019 that brings you an overview of the unique features of each one. Hope that it will give you something useful for your choice.

Badoo – best free dating app 2019 for hooking up

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This mobile app attracts more than 370 million users from over 190 different nations and is available on IOS, Android or the web. You will set up your purpose why you want to join Badoo such as meeting new people to date, chatting or making new friends at the first time you access this app. You can upload personal information, your photos and videos as well as share your interests or alike to highlight your personalities and show people how special you are. Badoo helps you to see and connect with people who live in your area, even contact people all over the world easily and for free. Recently, video chat also becomes one of the main features of Badoo taking people to real conversations instead of texting like in the past.

Ok Cupid – Popular genuinely cool and fun dating app

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Another famous and popular dating application is Ok Cupid and it’s also free of charge. With over 10 million registered users, it’s considered as the most effective, easiest dating tool on mobile phones, attracts millions of users and still constantly updates for new features. The most interesting function of the app is “Flavour” that allows you to find out users who have the same hobbies, which helps you easier to seek potential partners. Then you can send messages and connect with your Instagram account.

Hinge – Free dating app for social network matching profile

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Hinge is one of the safest free dating apps for users. This app integrates with your Facebook account so you have to update your profile including your interests, your location, sexual orientation, pictures, stories and more. A complete profile will support Hinge in seeking serious and responsible people for the relationship and you will be provided with a potential partner at noon every day without fail. It means that when you have the same friends with someone on Facebook, you two are highly likely to be recommended matches. Another way to start a conversation, you can like or comment on something in other profiles and that action also means you want to connect with them.

Dating online will be great experiences for you, especially when you join in these three free dating apps 2019. It helps you to save time as well as money for commuting and provide you with more choices before having an official relationship in real life.

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