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How to use Walkie Talkie (The latest app on Apple Watch)


The good news is that now with the WatchOS 5 update, you could use your Apple Watch 5 as a real phone just by an app called Walkie Talkie. Walkie Talkie would support you in communication such as making phone calls, sending text messages, writing emails and more directly via your watch to another one but only Apple Watch supported. Especially, this app works both over wifi and cellular connections so it becomes more convenient for you to experience this great feature.

walkie talkie how to use

The first step to becoming a Walkie Talkie user

Make sure that you and your friends on Walkie Talkie have updated WatchOS version 5.0 or higher, please access “Settings” (General > About) for checking. If not, you could download and set up the latest version in Software Update. It just takes a couple of minutes to complete this stage.

Walkie Talkie conversation

Searching and connecting with friends

Walkie Talkie turns up on Apple Watch’s screen with a yellow icon. When you want to use it, tap for opening. Choose your friends who also own Apple Watch with WatchOS 5 and add them to your friend list. Now you could contact them by tapping a friend’s name and pressing the “Talk” button. But you will need to wait for your friend to accept your invitation before officially starting a conversation on Apple Watch. When your requirement is approved, you are able to have a Walkie Talkie chat with your friend. Similarly, when someone adds you to contact list, the app will send you a notification including two options “Always Allow” and “Dismiss”, just make your choice.

Having an individual talk

“An individual talk” here means that you could make a conversation with only one friend at a time. Hopefully, this feature will be updated for multiple talking in the near future.

Open up the Walkie Talkie app then tap a name in your contact list. Hold the “Talk” button all the time you’re speaking and that record will be sent to your friend. When you release your finger from the button, your friend will be allowed to send your response.

Other great features

Setting up online / offline mood and removing contacts

You could tap to toggle switch at the top to set the unavailable mood to avoid being bothered. At that time your friends will see the notification “[Your name] is Not Available when they try to contact you. You also receive a message about this situation and the recommendation of Walkie Talkie for accessing the app to resume the conversation.

When you want to remove someone from Walkie Talkie, swipe that name to the left so you can see a red “X” button. Press on the “X” to delete the contact.

Airpods and Bluetooth Headphones supported

When you are in public places or simply when you want to have more private conversations, you could connect your Airpods or other Bluetooth headphones to your Apple Watch.

Accessing Walkie Talkie quickly

Walkie Talkie icon will appear at the top of the main screen when you’re having at least one conversation when you tap it, it will bring you into the Walkie Talkie app immediately. This icon also shows that you are in an online mood for receiving messages.

Walkie Talkie is a great tool for keeping in touch with your friends. With the simple usage, it will become a favourite application for fans of Apple Watch in the next time.