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Edge Computing – The Latest Tech Trend of 2019


As you know, humans in the development era have a trend to run their own business as well as consider business as a key to show their abilities, creation and many other things. At the same time, the breakthrough steps of technology confirm its crucial role in every aspect of life, especially technology, so people desire to utilize technology to make their business become more effective and successful. In order to do that, people need to constantly update the latest and most advanced technology and definitely, they are in a divided mind whether in 2019, which tech trends impact the most effective on the business? So have you heard about “Edge Computing”? Below we will show you how this tech could contribute to our business.

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If in 2018, we lived in the era of cloud computing, now is the time for us to become familiar with another term called “edge computing”. In fact, using this technology trend brings benefits in some aspects actually.

  • Speed

Edge computing was designed to address the shortcomings in data processing. In the past with cloud computing, data are sent to the data centre of Amazon or Google so the speed is not guaranteed because of a too far distance.

The technology helps in storing and processing vital information at the “local” and then move to cloud for more. By this way, the speed will be enhanced that we don’t waste time to wait for that data processed and returned from the cloud. As a result, analyzing and filtering data before sending also save network and computer resources.

In some cases, devices with weak connection meet an obstacle in sending data to the cloud and edge computing ensure data processed at any time.

  • Privacy, Security and Compliance

Edge Computing allows sensitive and important data processed by anonymizing, analyzing at the edge of the network, closer to the source of data (the internal device) before being sent to a data centre or cloud, which could contribute to protect data from hackers as well as avoid certain security errors.

  • Bandwidth

    By minimizing data traffic by processing first at the edge of the network before sending to the cloud, Edge computing makes the amount of information smaller and transmission speed faster. It’s really helpful for companies with a large amount of data requiring large bandwidth.

As you can see, edge computing delivers a better network performance, speeds up data analysis and gives companies adequate time to react. It promises to be one of the technology trends playing an essential role in business.