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Most Wanted Programming Languages for Native iOS Apps Development


Some outstanding programming languages work wonders to native iOS apps development. Best programming languages 2019 even double up efficiency.

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Language is the root of communication, and communication is the irreplaceable means of living. As a well-known author once put it “Civilization is communication. That which is not expressed doesn’t exist”, we communicate with not only humans but also every other thing to showcase our identity, our evolvement. We even come so far that we learn various programming languages to converse with data – a literal revolution having given birth to Microsoft’s desktop platform, Intel’s chipset, or Apple’s iOS applications especially.

But what are the most optimal and effective programming languages we should use to maximize the quality of communication with iOS applications? Why they are the top of mind throughout the years? Let’s while your day away with some interesting facts and figures.

Objective-C – Old But Gold

  • What

Objective-C is one of the oldest and most trusted programming languages used on Apple iOS and OS X platforms. It is designed to build every single thing from common line utilities, animated GUI to reusable libraries embedded in Apple’s many products. It’s also capable of producing tools to maintain big and complex frameworks.

  • Why

The biggest competitive advantage of Objective-C lies in the number of years it has existed. It has long been in the IT game and is well-tested by many developers on various iOS applications, therefore, makes it the dinosaur out of other little and weak mammals.

Objective-C is also seen as a dynamic programming language. Just like C++, Objective-C has the competence to easily add more features into C, but the ways it’s implemented varies between those two. Because Objective-C is the superset of C, it operates smoothly and has good compatibility with C and C++, causing it to be much more flexible and active, evidenced in basic designs for iOS development platforms. That is not to mention its outstanding stability and diverse framework library (Cocoa and Cocoa Touch) compared to other languages.

  • How

Commonly, Xcode is the easiest-to-use software to write Objective-C. Xcode has every convenience to help you create your dream iOS apps: text editing, tools for interface building, bug fixes and other frameworks in Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. You can always exploit this software to get the best out of Objective-C.

Swift – The Rocket

  • What

The birth of Swift itself is bombing, buzzing the whole community and generates utmost excitement towards the most optimized iOS language introduced by Apple. So what exactly is the Swift language that turns the IT community upside down? According to ideamotive.co, Swift is a modern, general-purpose and multi-paradigm programming language designed by Apple to build their iOS-powered devices and all the following ecosystem. Apps written in Swift can run on macOS (for Apple computers), watchOS (AppleWatch), tvOS (Apple TV digital media player), etc.

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  • Why

Swift is designed specifically for iOS applications and is highly-focused by the big guy Apple, it promotes a touch of professionalism and high-quality over the apps being written. Swift includes modern features like type inference, optional types, and closures, which make the syntax concise yet expressive. It also ensures the code is fast and efficient, while its memory safety and native error handling make the language safe by design. Developers can then exhale a little bit when thinking about the level of their products’ competency.

Wonder what else? Think about how cool it would be when you have total access to an open-source! You can extract the information from anywhere you wish to and dive deeper into the programming language you are working with – ins and outs. Just completely suitable for new programmers!

  • How

“Writing Swift code is interactive and fun in Swift Playgrounds, playgrounds in Xcode, and REPL”.
On another hand, the language is also distributed on the Apache License, which makes it available for the community to use. More perks to enjoy!

React Native – An unexpected figure

  • What

React Native is a Facebook-supported framework designed to build device-agnostic mobile applications. Contrary to native apps that use different programming languages for each platform, React Native is based on JavaScript and allows users to share the code between various platforms, including Android, iOS and web apps.

React Native, at first sight, is just the fun passer-by in the game, as one developer once share on his Medium site: “Any real native app would still need to be written the real native way”, which indicates that Swift and Objective-C should remain the top of mind as they’ve always been.

But it’s really hard to refuse a language that brings you just equal utilities as Swift and Objective-C.

  • Why

To use React Native, developers must understand JavaScript as a foremost requirement. But don’t hesitate before new knowledge when it’s completely worth the investment.

React Native is very resource-saving and suitable for building cross-platform mobile apps, no matter they are Androids or iOS. It’s a language supported only by JavaScript on both Android and iOS platforms, so all you need is to code once and the data will be shared automatically, significantly saving the time and cost of development.

Comparatively simple, quick, and efficient

Want to check out the creditability? Look at the real-world famous apps Instagram and see how it rocks. Also, there are many other big names in the business of React Native examples like Wal-Mart, Facebook Ads, etc

  • If React Native is that able to make the best out of every platform, why don’t try to narrow it down and centralize to native iOS apps?
  • If you’re into native iOS apps, Xcode is still the best to create React Native apps on. There’s hardly any doubt about its ability to iOS apps developers.


Above are the 3 top-of-mind programming languages used for native iOS apps. No matter which kind of theme you are looking for for your iOS apps, you should dig deeper into each kind of language and pinpoint the pros and cons for yourself, so that you can be more confident with your communication with the products you are going to produce!

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